Real Estate Investing Using the 1031 Exchange

Investing Using the 1031 Exchange

Thanks to the Internal Revenue Code section 1031, a properly structured exchange can allow an investor to sell property, to reinvest the proceeds in a new like kind property and to defer all capital gain taxes.  We have several attorneys to assist you in this process.  There are certain steps that must be done prior to the exchange in order to take advantage of the deferred capital gains.  Many people are and have been taking advantage of using this process especially when purchasing property to build a nice portfolio and taking advantage along the way of the many benefits.  I have worked with several buyers and sellers over the years assisting them with this process.  One client was able to take all three modestly priced properties on Hilton Head Island and roll the capital gains deferment into one higher priced property on the beach.

Shelter Cove has many villas

Shelter Cove has many villas

Refer to The Tax Treatment of Like Kind Exchanges

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