Buyer Representation ABR

Accredited Buyers Representative Real Estate Buyer Representation ABR

In today’s real estate market a Buyer’s Agent is an important advocate for every prospective home buyer.  The Buyer’s Agent has your best interests at heart. He takes the time to get to know you and your needs and desires, and makes it his business to meet your expectations in finding you the home of your dreams.  He is a professional with valuable advice facilitating your home search from its initial stages through the closing process, always keeping your priorities in the forefront of the negotiations. Many times the agent is certified as Accredited Buyer Representative-ABR and has taken education classes in this area.

  • Be your personal advisor and advocate during the entire home buying process.
  • Take the time to uncover your expectations in finding the home of your dreams.
  • Provide the expertise in evaluating a property to determine if it fits your expectations.
  • Handle the ins and outs of the negotiating process to secure the best financial outcome for you, the buyer.
  • Be present at the closing to insure that all of your interests are protected.